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If you got THIS fraud text, you could be about to get a REALLY nasty bill

MOBILE PHONE users have been cautioned about a brand-new sms message SCAM which sends you unsolicited video games, beauty videos, or porn, and has currently left thousands out of pocket. Mobile phone users need to be on the lookout for a new rip-off that charges them for unsolicited text advertising video games, beauty videos and porn.

The premium-rate texts cost an incredible 4.50 to receive.

Countless users were uninformed of the charges when they got the texts, and were uninformed how to stop the messages being sent to their phones. Regulatory authority PhonePayPlus has actually received over 7,400 complaints from firms sending unsolicited texts, according to MailOnline iphone 5 trade in price .

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Motorists utilizing smart phones targeted by Thames Valley Police

A crackdown on motorists who use smart phones while driving has actually been released today by Thames Valley Police. Policeman’s will be targeting motorists who use their smart phones without a hands-free kit throughout the week, beginning today and completing on Sunday.

Sgt Chris Appleby, from the force's Joint Roads Policing Department, said: "This campaign is another example of the determination and continuous dedication of Thames Valley Police to tackle the illegal use of mobile phone use by motorists in our communities.

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Can Nokia's go back to The Mobile Phone Market Drive Its Earnings?

Just recently, Nokia revealed that it had signed a tactical arrangement with a recently formed Finland based company called HMD to create Nokia- top quality cellphones and tablets for the next ten years. HMD was established to offer a focused, independent home for a complete range of Nokia branded function phones, smartphones and tablets.

Nokia had actually offered its mobile phone company to Microsoft in 2014 and HMD will now acquire the right to use the Nokia brand name on function phones and certain related design rights from Microsoft. It also means to invest over $500 million in the next 3 years to support the international marketing of Nokia branded mobile phones and tablets.

While Nokia was when a very popular mobile company, it might not keep up with changing customer needs and was not able to establish itself in the mobile phone market. Mircosoft cannot adeuately monetize this business also, as the iOS-Android jaugernaut continued

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