Health Diets & Juicing – Green Lemonade

Piggy here, and I wanted to discuss one of the latest health crazes to emerge in recent years – juicing and green lemonade. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with a healthy dieting routine, as you have to continually cook or seek out a healthy meal. However, there are some great strategies to cut down on the time spent shopping and creating your meals.

Now that juicers and blenders are widely available, there really is no reason not to take advantage of their capabilities. A typical recipe to toss in the blender might look like this:

Greens (kale, dandelion, etc)
Broccoli florets
Hemp/flax protein powder
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper

For the juicer, the following items are perfect:

Sweet potatoes/yams
Broccoli stalks
Peppers (bell, jalapeno, etc)
any other random veggies


What you can do is go out and buy these in bulk. Spend some time coming up with your desired recipe (green lemonade for example) and begin preparing each of the items. The key though will be to prepare it in bulk, rather than each time you go to actually eat/drink the concoction. Make an enormous batch and then store it in small containers such as leftover water bottles.

Let’s say you make 25 bottles of Green Lemonade. Store 20 of them in the freezer, and put the other 5 directly into the fridge. You now have the ability to wake up each morning and go directly to the fridge to grab a shake. When your one week supply is up, simply go to the freezer and swap 5 more bottles into the fridge for the next week coming up.

Once you get into a rhythm, it is an incredible time saver. Any time you need to reload, you simply go out and buy the ingredients in bulk and repeat the juicing process. This one small change can make a tremendous difference to your daily routine.

There are many cleansing routines and dieting products out there, so make sure to do your research. If you want some more information, please visit the Detoks Diyeti Facebook Page for more information!