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Motorists utilizing smart phones targeted by Thames Valley Police

A crackdown on motorists who use smart phones while driving has actually been released today by Thames Valley Police. Policeman’s will be targeting motorists who use their smart phones without a hands-free kit throughout the week, beginning today and completing on Sunday.

Sgt Chris Appleby, from the force's Joint Roads Policing Department, said: "This campaign is another example of the determination and continuous dedication of Thames Valley Police to tackle the illegal use of mobile phone use by motorists in our communities.

"Drivers who opt to break the law will be prosecuted.

"The function of the campaign is to draw drivers attention to not only the risks postured by being distracted by mobile phones while in control of a vehicle, but the serious charges which they will deal with if they are captured.

Driving ability is plainly hindered by utilizing a mobile phone and the offence stays one of Thames Valley’s deadly 4 offences requiring focused enforcement action.

"Studies have actually found that talking on a hand-held mobile phone can harm driving much more than driving above the drink-drive limitation."

Throughout the duration 2009-2014, nationwide casualty information revealed that 3,611 reported collisions occurred where a minimum of one driver was using a mobile phone, although this is likely to be substantially under-recorded.

Sgt Appleby added: "During a 2014 study in England and Scotland, 1.6 percent of vehicle drivers were observed utilizing a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

"The 2013 Think! Yearly study found that 4 in 10 vehicle drivers knew people who practiced hazardous driving behaviors with mobile phones.

"You can get a fixed charge notification if you’re captured utilizing a portable phone while driving or riding.

You can expect to be prosecuted, which may be a day-long course you pay for, a 100 fixed charge and three points, or a journey to describe your behavior to the magistrates who can fine you approximately 2,500, give you three points and/or disqualify you from driving."