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If you got THIS fraud text, you could be about to get a REALLY nasty bill

MOBILE PHONE users have been cautioned about a brand-new sms message SCAM which sends you unsolicited video games, beauty videos, or porn, and has currently left thousands out of pocket.

Mobile phone users need to be on the lookout for a new rip-off that charges them for unsolicited text advertising video games, beauty videos and porn.

The premium-rate texts cost an incredible 4.50 to receive.

Countless users were uninformed of the charges when they got the texts, and were uninformed how to stop the messages being sent to their phones.

Regulatory authority PhonePayPlus has actually received over 7,400 complaints from firms sending unsolicited texts, according to MailOnline.

A representative for PhonePayPlus then told, PhonePayPlus Code of Practice states customers need to not be contacted or charged for premium rate services without their permission which carriers of services should have the ability to offer evidence which develops permission.

When breaches of our rules are found, either through consumers info or the work of our research study and tracking team we take action in 2015/16 we fined 17 companies and since April 2014 have collected over 2million in fines.

"Where sanctions are not abided by, we have a variety of other powers consisting of prohibiting individuals and business from running in the market.

In this duration we have actually banned over 25 people and business from operating in the premium rate market.

The news comes days after iPhone owners received spam text messages that claimed to be from Apple and cautioned about iCloud accounts ending in the coming days.

Consumers who feel they want to grumble about a premium rate service must first call the service provider, the spokesperson for PhonePayPlus included.

If this does not deal with the matter, they can call PhonePayPlus via our website: or on 0300 30 300 20 and we will look into the matter.

UK mobile providers including EE, O2, Vodafone and Three have now prompted consumers to examine their regular monthly bills regularly and instantly report any unknown charges.

A spokesperson for which? Stated: "Customers should reply to the message with stop, then complain to the company and after that to their mobile supplier as they may be qualified for a refund.

" Keep the message for evidence.".

This newest scam comes as mobile phone users have been left with massive costs to pay after getting a short call from an 0845 or 0843 number which they do not respond to.

When their expense arrives it shows a costly call to the number has actually been made by the client's phone.

The scammers appear to have actually mainly struck Vodafone customers with the typical fake calls lasting in between three and 12 hours